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Zenolite & StyleLite


Characteristics of Zenolite®

Zenolite® is a glass-like, high-gloss acrylic plate made with a new technology. PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate), the main raw material of Zenolite®, has the best optical properties among existing plastics and is used as a light guide plate that transmits light to electronic devices such as LED TVs and mobile phones. You can see the simple construction in the video below.

Uses of Zenolite®

  1. Wall finishes for building lobbies, information desks, etc.
  2. Office wall finishes
  3. Various furniture finishes
  4. Kitchen sink wall
  5. Bathroom wall
  6. Whiteboard
* It is not recommended to use it outdoors or where it is in direct contact with heat.

Product specifications

Thickness: 4.0MM
Area: 2440MM x 1000MM
Hardness: 6H (pencil hardness) - hard coating


Features of StyleLite®

Use of StyleLite®

  1. Kitchen cabinets, doors
  2. Office furniture, partitions
  3. Entrance, corridor door
  4. Store wall finishes
  5. Wardrobe door
  6. Shelves, showcases
  7. Wall for whiteboard
  8. High glossy material for furniture refurbishment

The eco-friendliness of StyleLite®

Product specifications