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Plastic Coating

Anti-Static Coating

Anti-Static coating

Static electricity generated from plastics causes many problems when used electrically/electronically or for optics, medical devices, semiconductors, etc.
The anti-static coating reduces the surface resistance of the panel and ultimately prevents the build-up of static electricity.

1. Surface resistance 10E
2. Excellent surface pencil hardness
3. Excellent chemical and chemical resistance
4. Antistatic coating available for various color panels

1. Clean room: semiconductor, electronic products, medical products
2. Decoration panels for electronic products
3. TV screen panel

Hard Coating

Hard Coating

Transparent plastic panels (PMMA, PC, 2Layer) are widely used in the display industry, and plastic transparent panels have a lower surface hardness than glass, so hard coating is applied to prevent surface scratches.

1. Anti-scratch
2. Outstanding surface hardness
3. High light transmittance (PMMA: 92%, PC: 90%)
4. Excellent chemical and chemical resistance
5. Excellent quality of coating appearance

1. Display front LCD protective window
2. Smartphone cover
3. Electronics panel

Anti-Glare Coating

Anti-Glare coating

The Diffuse Coating is an anti-glare coating that reduces the spread of light and makes the coated surface easy to clean.

1. Cracked Light Diffusion
2. Excellent surface strength (PMMA: 4H, PC: HB)
3. Various transmittance adjustable

1. Front filter for monitor protection
2. Decoration panels for various electronic products
3. Navigation light LCD module & window
4. Applied to glasses (sunglasses, goggles, etc.)