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BogoNetworks Inc.

Bogo Networks Co., Ltd. is a coating company that gives functionality to various plastic sheets (PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PET, etc.) of the largest size (2,200mm x 4,000mm) in Korea with the latest coating facilities.
Sales of Anti-Static, Hard Coating, Anti-Glare, Zenolite and CNC Machining

Bogo Networks Co., Ltd. is a Korean exclusive distributor of Australia's EGR. It imports Zenolite and StyleLite, acrylic high-gloss products with a new method, and exports them overseas as OEM after going through its own coating process, and also sells them for interior use in the domestic market.

We have CNC processing machines and cutting machines and respond quickly to customer needs.

Company location

Headquarters / Factory

36, Hwanggeum 6-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA
TEL: 031-998-6715, FAX: 031-998-6716