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"A Creative Inspiration to Plastics" - BOGO, an Innovative leader in the flow coating on the plastic sheets: Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, PETG and other plastic sheets-Anti-scratch(hard), Anti-static, Matte coating.
Also we have a semi-permanent anti-static coating.

Plastic Coating

Anti-Static Coating

Static & electricity generated by plastics causes many problems when used electrically/electronically or for optical applications, medical devices, semiconductors, etc.
The anti-static coating reduces the surface resistance of the panel and ultimately prevents the build-up of static electricity.

Hard Coating

Transparent plastic panels (PMMA, PC, 2Layer) are widely used in the display industry, and plastic transparent panels have a lower surface hardness than glass, so hard coating is applied to prevent surface scratches.

Anti-Glare Coating

The Diffuse Coating is an anti-glare coating that reduces the spread of light and makes the coated surface easy to clean.


Zenolite® is a glass-like, high-gloss acrylic plate made with a new technology.
PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate), the main raw material of Zenolite®, has the best optical properties among existing plastics and is used as a light guide plate that transmits light to electronic devices such as LED TVs and mobile phones.
PMMA is not harmful to the human body and is widely used in contact lenses, dental and other medical devices. It is 25 times more impact resistant than glass products.
Produced by the latest co-extrusion method, the transparent layer and the color layer are fused together, so peeling does not occur unlike other similar color products that are laminated with back painting or film.
Minor scratches can be easily removed with a soft cloth. (In the case of non-coated products) Lustrolite, a hard-coated product, has a pencil hardness of 6H, so it does not easily scratch (scratch) in everyday life. Can be cut, drilled, bent, glued and finished with natural cure silicone on site.


StyleLite® is a product in which color ABS sheet and high-gloss acrylic are permanently fused with the latest extrusion method, and there is no peeling phenomenon.
Compared to painted, laminated, and vinyl products, there is no ripples.
It can be laminated to various plate materials manually or by machine.